1. Sunday.


  2. Here are some new Editorial Photos from an Orlando Lynx project called TrIP. We took shots at various stops along the Lynx 8 Bus Route. Model, Isoken Soso wears a dress was designed by Bethany Mikell with illustrations from Unladylike's Megan Steward and Kelly Berry.

    The photos will be showcased at Orlando’s main bus station downtown and at a gallery curated by Patrick Greene. 

    I haven’t really shot much Editorial, so it was very nice to hear a lot of positive feedback from the creator of the project. Overall, I’m very happy to be involved!


  3. My favorite things in life are not necessarily the result of how I felt in that moment but most times how the moment has impacted and inspired me. When people ask me what my favorite “x, y, or z” is I usually say I don’t have one. Yet…I’ve got a lot more moments in my life to be choosing favorites now.


  4. These rainbow reflections are the coolest thing I’ve seen in an airplane. (at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW))


  5. Enjoying the view.


  6. This is what Atlanta was making a big deal out of this week. Although, it is nice seeing snow. It’s been a while.


  7. What separates you from you and your dreams? [x]


  8. Caitlin Baucom, Dumbo NY. 


  9. The thirst is real.


  10. DNA Footwear. Great quality shoes and sneakers. 


  11. www.DigitalFix.com. Modern technology meets Architecture and Design. Store seen here located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 


  12. The Flat in Williamsburg


  13. Pig and Khao, Lower East Side Manhattan.


  14. A couple sleeping at a park in Chinatown, NY near SoHo.